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To experience a culture one must experience their cuisine and since New York is the melting pot of the world, its vast array of cuisines is its shared culture. Food on Foot Tours takes visitors beyond the tourist attractions to the largest buffet in the world, New York. You´ll see the neighborhoods where New Yorkers live and eat. You´ll share our passion for all things New York and you´ll travel the way New Yorkers do, by subway and/or foot.

We welcome groups and individuals for customized and scheduled tours. Customize your own group or business bonding tour or join us for any of our regularly scheduled tours or enjoy a Self-Guided On Your Own food experience.

FOOD FOR FANS SPORTS TOUR PACKAGES - We provide everything you need to enjoy the game. Our non-escorted tours include game tickets at the box office, transportation tips and information, stadium tips ranging from must see spots to the best food items and other options such as meals inside or outside the stadium and souvenirs. Pay one price with no service fees.

FEASTS & FINDS are unique experiences in the NY metropolitan area, normally with a food component. From a celebrity chef dinner to the hole in the wall ethnic restaurant you don’t know about to a picnic to all you can eat extravaganzas we bring you one-of-a-kind events that make your stay in town special, even if you live here. Feast & Finds is special because it is all about innovative fun. Every FEAST & FIND get-together is different and because our guests are from all over the world you’ll never know who you’ll meet. You might be at an authentic ethnic restaurant you would have never found on your own and you might just be somewhere you never expected to be. But wherever we are we hope you’ll be part of it. When you click on the calendar you will receive a description of the event.

ON YOUR OWN FOOD EXPERIENCES - These are non-escorted specialty experiences that can be taken at any time. You pay one low price for your whole group and you enjoy low cost food in non-tourist neighborhoods as you would with our guided tours but you do it on your time, at your pace. These experiences are designed to save you money over restaurants in tourist areas while you visit real neighborhoods. You have the flexibility to do the whole experience as a tour taken at one time or you can split your stops into sections and use the tour to sample and go back to some of the locations as a sit down diner.
ALL ASTORIA - A delectable trip just over the river from Manhattan to one of Queens’ great ethnic neighborhoods.
BAGELS & BAKERIES - Authentic NY bagels & great bakeries. Perfect for breakfast but great anytime.
BROOKLYN PARK SLOPE EATS & SWEETS - In one of Brooklyn’s top residential and food neighborhoods.
ICE CREAM, YOU SCREAM - It is really true: We all scream for ice cream on this smooth treat food experience.
MEAT/VEG/BEER IN TIMES SQUARE - Carnivores & vegetarians can enjoy great eats in Midtown. It includes a great beer stop with a huge selection on tap and in bottles.
NEAR TIMES SQUARE/HELL'S KITCHEN - Great inexpensive eats near Times Square.
QUEENS (ASIAN) - A journey to one of New York’s greatest Asian neighborhoods. If you love Asian food you will love Queens.

SPECIAL TOURS - (Special tours run on a limited or seasonal schedule and include at least one sweet stop)
ALL BEEF BROOKLYN - We found the beef and it’s in Brooklyn. The most walking of all our food tours and lots of beef.
INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS FOOD TOUR - Multi-ethnic, multi-neighborhood Queens food tour.
MEAT TO EAT FOOD TOUR - Meat and more. Even suitable for vegetarians.
NEW YORK´S WATERFRONT VILLAGES FOOD TOUR - BROOKLYN - This food tour covers the Brooklyn waterfront neighborhoods of Sheepshead Bay (New York´s Fishing Village), Brighton Beach (Little Odessa) and Coney Island (New York´s Famous Playground). A different experience than all our other tours.
SPECIALTY TOURS - For folks & foodies who love to explore. Join us for specialty food tours around New York. Available on a limited schedule or for groups.
WORLD FAMOUS SWEET TOOTH TOUR - Satisfy your sweet tooth each spring and summer like a New Yorker! Experience the great spots where New Yorkers kids can be kids and adults become kids all over again. And while you walk the neighborhood you can also pick up a bite or two.
CUSTOMIZED FOOD AND SPORTS TOURS are available for private groups of 10 or more.

FOOD ON FOOT GUIDED TOURS (All tours include at least one sweet stop)
EAST VILLAGE BLOCK PARTY FOOD TOUR - We take one long street in one of Manhattan’s best food neighborhoods and go only one block in either direction for great eats.
EAST VILLAGE VARIETY FOOD TOUR - Eat The East Village. The variety on this food tour will astound you.
GO WEST FOOD TOUR - We head west for an away-from-the-crowds New York eats food tour.
MIDTOWN MIX FOOD TOUR - Taste Manhattan's Homegrown Eats on this away-from-the-tourist-spots food tour.
MIDTOWN WINTER FOOD TOUR - A winter only combined version of our GO WEST and MIDTOWN MIX food tours.
ORIENT ADVENTURE FOOD TOUR - A special winter (mostly inside) food tour with an amazing variety of choices from multiple countries.
UNION SQUARE AREA EATS - A slightly shorter version of our tours with four filling stops.

CUSTOMIZED AND GROUP FOOD TOURS are available for large and private groups.
NY OVER NOODLES FOOD TOUR - Everyone loves noodles and you´ll enjoy noodles from various neighborhoods on this special food tour.
SANDWICH SALVATION FOOD TOUR - In New York we eat SANDWICHES, not just a sandwich. We'll take you for some of New York's best on this world wide sandwich food tour.

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Join us for a unique New York experience! Purchase tickets above or to purchase Food For Fans/Feast & Finds/Super Saver Tickets/On Your Own Tickets by phone call Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006 (24 hours a day). Mention Food On Foot Tours, Tour Name and Date. For all other types of paid tickets call us directly at 1-631-491-0326. (Operators are not available at all times). Please check each experience/event/tour on the purchase ticket links for types of tickets and discounts available.

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